fotele skórzane
fotele biurowe
fotele gabinetowe
fotele ze skóry
krzesłą biurowe
krzesła do biura
krzesła pracownicze
krzesłą do poczekalni
krzesła konferencyjne
krzesła do sal konferencyjnych
fotele i krzesłą biurowe

Office Armchairs and Chairs

Our armchairs and chairs help care of your health and good feeling at affordable cost. We propose an interesting, abundant style and finishing range, depending on the duty the armchairs or chairs have to do.

The armchairs and chairs offered by us not only give the possibility to adjust their parameters to the user’s figure, but follow the body’s movements in order to give support to the spine, or even provoke it to constant changes of its position. This way the work station is perfectly adapted to the user’s psychic and physical requirements. Special regulation mechanisms in the armchairs make it possible to select the most ergonomic position for long hours of work or rest. You are welcomed to see our offer.

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